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Important Policies
1.  Tuition is based on how many weeks there are in a session. Our sessions are 10-14 weeks in length, so each session may vary in price. 
2.  A discount of 10% is applicable for families with two children and a discount of 15% is applicable for families with three or more children (Team is not included in this discount)
3.  Any unpaid balance after the first week of classes will incur a $5.00 late fee per additional week.
4. It is important thay your child be on time for each class.  If your child is more that 10 minutes late, they will be unable to join the class due to safety reasons.
5. Crowley's offers make-up classes for our gymnastics classes. Your child will have two calendar months to make-up classes missed (as long as they are currently enrolled in our program).  However, we do not guarantee make-up availability.  Please call the office to arrange all make-ups.
6. No video taping or photographing of any children.  If there is an individual need (for example: a school project), your child's coach or our staff may be able to help.
7.  Girls should wear leotards for gymnastics classes and long hair should be pulled back and in a pony tail.  Boys should wear gymnastic attire or gym shorts and a t-shirt.  No over-sized clothing, buttons, snaps, zippers or pockets.
8. Absolutely NO GUM and NO JEWELRY.  Gymnasts will be asked to remove rings, necklaces, large earrings, watches, friendship bracelets and other items that may be a safety concern.
9. Refund Policy: Refunds will only be given through the second week of the session, minus a $20.00 cancellation fee and any classes held for, or attended by the student.  After that, upon approval, a credit will be applied to the child's "in house" account only.
11. Classes may be added/canceled according to demand and coaches availability.


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