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   USAG  Development Program
Summer Schedule
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Fall -Winter-Spring Schedule
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Summer Schedule
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Fall-Winter-Spring Schedule
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 Silver, Gold & Platinum - See Office

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Our philosophy for our USAG Level 7-8 and Xcel teams is to encourage each other,

do the best they can and be proud of their accomplishments, no matter the outcome.

But, even more importantly, we want the kids to be safe and have fun!


We offer less time commitment in the gym for those that want to do other activities such as sports, family events, church or extra curricular activities through school.

Though many of the girls come more often,

here is the minimum practice time for each of our levels:

Level 7 - work out three times per week.

Level 8 - works out four times per week.


Xcel must work out two times per week.  However, many of our girls come three times a week.

If you are interested in our team programs or have questions,

please contact Becky at



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